Guruvayur Warrier Samajam History

The formation of varier samajam in the year 1979 marked the realisation of a long cherished desire of the variers to have an association of their own. Today it has grown and flourishes as Varier Samajam. 
Guruvayur unit
Varier samajam Guruvayur unit was formed in the year that year a meeting was held on march 12th at Sree krishnavilasam building in the East nada of  Guruvayur.It was Pesided over by Sree Mazhuvanoor Sankara varier the president of varier samajam.The participants of the meeting was Sree. Krishnavarier Vadakkeppat, Sree. K.V. Muraleedhran, Sree. K.V.Radhakrishnavarier, Sree.Raghava varier Parlikkad, Sree.Kandunnivarier Vadakkeppat,Sree. Ramavarier Master and M.V. Achutha varier.The initiative of this meeting was taken by Sree,parlikkad Raghava varier.     
The establishment was set to work forming a working committe with Sri;Chowalloor Krishnavarier as President,Muraleedhara varier Kizhakkepat as secretary,and Sri,Raghava varier Chowalloor as Treasurer.Though an english meduim school was also started in the same 
year, it was destined to continue only up to 1988.        
In the year 1988 areas like chowalloor ,Kunnamkulam,Elavalli,kanippayyoor,parempadam and Ariyannur werebrought under the sway of guruvayur unit.
Another notable period of this period was the free eye camp held at Sreekrishna High School on January 10th with the ardent co-operation and support of Madhura Eye Hospital .The eye camp was a great success.
The 'Mahila Wing'of this unit was formed in the year 1995 and is still continuing its work successfully.
Silver Jubilee
Another important event in the history of Varier Samajam Guruvayur unit is the Silvert Jubilee celebration of 2008, April 19, 20, 21. All the units of Trichur District were given equal participation in the Jubilee celebration .In connection with the Jubilee celebration a cultural fiesta was organised. Competitions were conducted for literature,music and drawing and prizes were distributed for the winners. Seminars and discussions were held inviting ambalavasi communities.
These festivals and celebrations soared up the fame and glory of Guruvayur Varier Samajam Unit.
Samajam Head Quarters and Guruvayur Unit
Since there is a large influx of Variers to Guruvayur it was their dream to have an Head Quarter at Guruvayur.As such the Director Board accorded sanction to the proposal.
The meeting which was convened on 4-8-1985 at Thulasi English Medium School, South Nada approved the site where the Head Quarter stands today and unanimously decided to purchase the land.The meeting entrusted Sri Ragha Varier with the work of registration, etc making him the convener of the project.An agreement was constituted and the land was purchased in April 1986.The sincere efforts of Sri M.V.Achutankutty Varier president of Varier Samajam towards this venture is unforgettable.
There followed a period of financial stringency and nothing came out for a short period.
Certain wicked elements even thought of selling the plot.
It was during this crucial periodSri Chowalloor Haridas took over the mantle of the secretary of Varier Samajam in 1991-92.As he is a man of foresight and optimism, he started construction of the building with the existing available fund.With the co-operation of Varier Associates he pooled Rs: 9 Lakhson interest and with the amount the construction of the first floor was completed.It is a pleasure to note that each and every family of Guruvayur Unit has played a significant role in the reakisation of the first floor.Thus the annual meeting of 1996 was held at Akshaya, our Head Quartetrs.
Time Share
Money was again a problem. To solve this, Sri.Haridas introduced and executed a new plan called Time Share. He relentlessly worked for the realisation of the scheme with the central committee members and leaders.
 Another celebrity associated with this Time Share scheme was Sri Thrikkovil Raghu Varier. In the course of time thew administrative wing has changed many times. But the work of Varier Samajam Guruvayur Unit for the realisation of the Head Quarters will always be remembered.
Later ana administrative set up was formed under the leadership of Sri Raghu Varier, retired deputy collector, for the smooth functioning of Akshaya. He was the first convener of Akshaya governing body.
Thus Varier Samajam Guruvayur Unit has played a significant role in the annual meeting of 2000 June 24,25 and in the following two concecutive annual meetings and has become the first runner up unit in the Samajam activities.
  Another important celebration of Guruvayur Unit is Manjuladhinam. Manjula was an ardent devout of Lord Krishna like Manaveda, Kurooramma, Melpathoor and Poonthanam. Every year Guruvayur Unit celebrates Mnjuladhinam to comemorate her memories. The first Manjuladhinam was celebrated in the year 2002. The usual programmes of Manjuladhinam are lightning the lamp at Manjulal, Keli, garland making competition, Namajapagoshayathraand Manjulal memorial gathering.
Varier Samajam Guruvayur Unit wishes to construct a Manjula memorial building. For the realisation of this dream Guruvayur appeals thewhole hearted co-operation and contributions from all Varier devotees.
Inspite of all this Guruvayur Unit conducts family get togethers, pilgrimages and so many other cultural programmes. It is happy to say that Varier Samajam Guruvayur Unit has a significant role in the spiritual and cultural life of Guruvayur.